Thursday, April 25, 2013

Portion Distortion

It can be difficult to gauge how much we are actually eating. Not paying attention to how much we consume can cause us to eat several thousand, unnecessary calories. Use the following guidelines to help guide your eating habits.

First, downsize your dinner plate. The average size of an American dinner plate has grown significantly over the years. When we eat off a large plate, we are more likely to overeat because we want to fill our plate and then eat everything.

Avoid serving family style! It is better to have pre-measured portions and leave the serving dishes away from the table so you don’t snack mindlessly.

Household objects can be easy to use to determine how much we are eating.

·         Potato - 1 serving is the size of a computer mouse
·         Pasta - 1/2 cup is about the size of half a baseball
·         Pancake or waffle - 1 serving is the size of a CD
·         Cheese - 1 serving is the size of 4 dice
·         Meat - 3 oz. serving is the size of a deck of cards
·         Carrots or broccoli - 1 cup is the size of a baseball
·         Blueberries or grapes - 1/2 cup is the size of a light bulb
·         Butter - 1 portion is the size of a Scrabble tile or thumbnail
·         Ice cream - 1/2 cup is the size of a light bulb
·         Chocolate - 1 oz. is the size of a package of dental floss

If you have a hard time eating only one serving, it is best not to eat in front of the TV or while standing.  These situations can lead to mindless eating.  It is worth spending time to learn about portion sizes so you can easily judge how much you are eating. 

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