Monday, April 27, 2015

Moving Forward: part 2

Last month I wrote here about working to improve at least one area of your life that you felt was feasible to change right now.  These were the steps:

a)     Pick AT LEAST one area that we would like to progress in.
b)     Identify triggers or cues that lead to the behavior you want to change.
c)      List one way you plan to move forward in that area each day(routine).
d)     Finally, set a follow up date to check on our status(plan).
e)     KEY: Make sure it is feasible for you and not so drastic that’ll you’ll stop after a few days or even a week. Change takes time, patience, and multiple attempts! Make it so easy it’s hard to NOT do it!

I took on the challenge, hopped on the roller coaster ride with the focus to control my sweet tooth! (FYI- brushing my teeth with the kids helped! I was too tired to do it again so it deterred me from eating again!)

Here are a few other things I learned:

1) I was far from perfect at it! However, each time I “thought” about it, I became more consistent than I was when I began this challenge a month ago.

2) My previous realization that sometimes you have to come back to “status quo” to start moving forward again was reconfirmed. Even though I knew the “right” choice to make, I had to focus on the SMALL steps to make it happen. Often requiring me to start over each day.

3) As I found myself improving on my first goal, my CONFIDENCE to “attack” other goals increased! Areas I wasn’t specifically focused on had naturally moved in the right direction! Life brings unexpected hills- be forgiving of yourself and recommit.

4) JOY- although each day still has its struggles, I have found more joy in the day to day. 

5) Most importantly- Believe in Yourself and decide to change for YOU. You have greater abilities than you know. Recognize too that others are on this path with you. We can all work together, bolster, support and lift one another as we work to improve.

Please share some of your experiences!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Treadmill Mash-up

A tribute to getting ready for Spring, a workout that will burn calories and have every muscle activated when you’re finished.

·         If you’re not a “runner”, modify and use a stationary bike, elliptical or walk on the treadmill.  Insert your cardio of choice where I have listed “run”. Do exercises OFF the machines!

·         If you can’t repeat 4 times, start 2 sets and build. It’s that moment you want to quit that change happens!

Warm up distance 1/2 mile

-Run for 2 min 30 sec (at 75-85% of your max effort- this should be just shy of sprint speed.)

High knees (30 sec, 10 sec rest) Repeat 4 times


Pushups (30 sec, 10 sec rest) Repeat 4 times


Switch Lunges (30 sec, 10 sec rest) Repeat 4 times


Sit ups with weight (30 sec, 10 sec rest) Repeat 4 times


Donkey Kicks (30 sec, 10 sec rest) Repeat 4 times


Mountain Climbers (30 sec, 10 sec rest) Repeat 4 times


Burpees (30 sec, 10 sec rest) Repeat 4 times


Bosu crunches with bicycle twist

1 mile run

Cool down