Friday, June 1, 2018



"After grad school I started walking 3 miles a day and changed my diet completely where I drastically reduced intake of breads, soda, sugars and processed foods.  I quickly lost 20 lbs. and was running a mile easily under 15 min.  I had successfully dieted but did not change my actual habits.  As quickly as I lost, I slipped into old routines and gained that 20 lbs.back, plus another 20 lbs. and fell into a rut with little to no exercise and eating habits that were geared more toward convenience than health. 
Before Wellness, approx. March 2017, I began walking during my lunches on warmer days.  I had recently strained my lower back and knew I needed to add physical activity to my life.  The warm weather came with my lower back feeling much better; I was walking a little longer and a little quicker each progressing week.   

Summer approached and my participation in wellness began.  The initial wellness exam revealed I had a slightly elevated diastolic blood pressure, in the range where I would be required to speak with a health coach each month.  At first I was a bit disappointed; not only did I feel slightly embarrassed but it was possible I had a blood pressure issue (which runs in my family along with an entire slew of things!).  That night on Amazon I purchased a blood pressure monitor.
To my surprise not only has the feeling of embarrassment left but I look forward to calls with my coach.  It is nice to share where I’ve come from, where I am now and where I want to be.
I felt motivated to join Hackettstown Strong Together Fitness in October 2017 (a crossfit gym) and after a week pulled my back (while bending over into the dishwasher!). It was the worst my back ever felt; I actually passed out from the pain as it happened and could not physically make it to the office.
Some family and friends told me I needed to quit CrossFit and said “what did you expect for joining a CrossFit gym, you’re not cut out for that”.  I was depressed.  I was trying to do something that should be good for me but I could barely walk and bend over.  A couple weeks later on my monthly call with Cali I recounted what had happened.  She did not advise me to quit or that I was not cut out for it but encouraged me that I could recover; my body was telling me something and I should listen.  Between encouragement from my CrossFit coach and Cali, after a few weeks I returned to the gym.
Fast forward to April 2018.  I am now down 21.6 pounds from October, my blood pressure is normal (at least on my home monitor!)  I have more energy.  I am able to do modified pushups where previously I could not even perform 5 in a row using a bar!  I have gained significant leg muscle through squats and my knees and hips have felt better than ever.  And my lower back?  I’ve been strengthening my core which I’ve learned is key to preventing lower back pain/injury. I still feel a dull ache in my back once in awhile, but now it serves as a reminder to listen, take care of myself and stretch!
I look forward to shedding more lbs, increasing my strength and maintaining good habits that will stick with me."

This is a testimonial from an Orriant wellness program participant. 

Thanks for sharing! 

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