Friday, June 5, 2015


We all have the rough paths of life, the set backs, and rocky roads.  I wanted to share a little something I’ve been doing to push through my recent rocky road!

I tore my ACL(ligament in your knee that keeps it from moving side to side and lets it bend and straighten. Pretty important!) in April. We were just 7 days from moving.  I had just signed up to participate in the RAGNAR Wasatch Back and was motivated to improve on my personal record that I set this last year in a Half Marathon.

Now what?  I can hobble along at the gym, ride the stationary bike just enough to break a sweat, but I can’t quite get my heart rate up. What a bummer! I long to be the person I see running down the street!

I don’t want this to be an excuse to gain weight, to eat horribly, or lose all the progress I have already made.
So here’s something I put together now that I had surgery and am now working on my range of motion and strength. Whether you’re rehabbing or just need a good workout at home- take a look.


Do 4 rounds
20 pushups (on the back of a couch, edge of counter, or seat of a chair)
20 lateral step ups each leg (use a stair or exercise step. Keep one foot planted on step, squat down until opposite foot barely touches the ground, return to standing)
30-60 sec plank
20 tricep dips on seat of chair
20 lat pull downs with exercise band
15 wall squats
20 pushups
30-60 sec plank
15 superman raises
15 wall squats
20 seated weighted shoulder press
30-60 sec plank with 4 jacks (Hold 4 seconds, jack for 4)