Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tips to Sticking With Your New Years Resolutions

A new year brings new resolutions! Many people find themselves in a gym attempting to lose a few pounds, or cutting back on junk food.  No matter what your goal is, there are steps you can take to ensure success with your goals.  We have compiled a list in order to make your life a little easier in 2014. 

Set Specific Goals: Outline exactly what you want to achieve.  If your goal is to exercise more, plan on 4 set times a week.  Limit yourself to one or two unhealthy snacks a week, rather than just saying you’ll cut back.  Specify what you really want to achieve, and you’ll be more likely to do it. 

Find Yourself a Support Group:  Enlist the help of family and friends who have similar goals to yours.  Motivate each other to achieve them.  Telling people you have a goal in mind will also make it more likely that you will accomplish them. 

Be Realistic: Do not create outrageous goals that seem overwhelming to achieve.  40 pounds is a massive weight loss goal; why not try for 10?  You are more likely to meet your goal and continue trying.

Do NOT Overload: Do not set so many goals that there is no way you can focus on all of them.  Pick one or two and really set your focus on those ones. 

Make a Plan: If your goal will take a long period of time, split it up into smaller goals.  Reward yourself once you reach each new marker. 

New Years Resolutions can be difficult to stick to.  Find the right goals and the motivation to last through the year.

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