Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ron's Marathon Journal - Slowing Down and Eating Clean

The last few weeks have gone well, with a lot of miles run, and some crazy, unpredictable weather to run in. I ran the Canyonlands Half Marathon a couple weeks ago, and paced one of my good friends to help him get his personal best time.

With just a few weeks left before Boston, my training focus has shifted to speed work. This entails finding a high school track, and running 1 mile repeats, then following that by running the bleachers. I've also included hill sprints, and 800 meter repeats in my training. In one week I will start my 'taper' for Boston, meaning I will lessen the miles I run and decrease the intensity. This will allow my body to heal and get rested up for the marathon.

I've attached a short video where I talk about my training diet. It's also been a great diet to maintain while I'm not training (although there are variations of meals from what is in the video) to help keep healthy.

I'll try and post one more blog before I head to Bean Town. Live healthy and happy!

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