Wednesday, April 23, 2014

5 Easy Tricks to Jazz Up Your Water

Boring! No Flavor! Flat! All these are words some use to describe water.  Even the Wall Street Journal reported that 20% of Americans do not like the flavor of plain water.  Yet, we know guzzling plenty of H20 is important.  Here are 5 recommendations to jazz up your water:

1 – Fruits and Veggies: Adding some berries, lemon, cucumber slices or even pineapple are great ways to add some flavor, without adding lots of calories. You can let them soak overnight or even freeze them inside ice cubes for a quick way to add a kick to your water.

2 – Herbal leaves: Another great way to add zest to your water, without breaking the calorie bank, is by adding herb leaves, such as basil or mint. These will add a nice, fresh flavor, making your water that much more refreshing.

3 – Single Serving Flavoring Packets: If you decide to recruit help from non-organic sources, opt for those that are zero calorie and aren’t packed with lots of artificial sweeteners. There are many option for these on the market, giving you a variety of flavors. They are also convenient to pack, so you can flavor your water anywhere.

4 – Liquid Flavoring: These are similar to flavoring packets, however the amount you are adding is in your hands. While some of these are already zero calories, be wary of adding too much sweetener to your water. Moderation is key to a healthy diet.

5 - Sparkling: Sparkling water is another creative way to break the monotony of plain water. Make sure you go for the “no sodium” option. Owning your own carbonator is a great way to monitor this.

Now that you have some more ideas, what are you waiting for? Go fill up on some H20!

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