Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Hosting

Are you in charge of the annual holiday party?  We all know hosting for the holidays can be stressful and expensive.  Here are some ways to cut back on anxiety and money, while still providing a fun filled holiday party.  

  1. Make Lists- Staying organized is key to staying stress free.  Keeping lists of all the things you need to buy, as well as a list of all the things you need to do, allows you to stay in control.  Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to others as well. 

  1. Cook Ahead- Whatever cooking can be done the day before, do it then.  Eliminate having to do it all in only one day.  Many things, especially quiches, tarts, and soups freeze well. 

  1. Decorate with Things You Already Have- Need a festive centerpiece?  Place brightly colored ornaments in a glass bowl.  For an extra sparkle, add some twinkle lights. 

  1. Clean as You Go- Don’t wait until you’re finished to start washing dishes. If you keep things clean as you go throughout the day, you won’t be overwhelmed with a giant pile of things to clean.  Keep an empty drawer to sweep excess clutter into and worry about filing after the holidays. 

  1. Buffet Style- If you have a large number of guests, don’t try to fit them all at the dinner table.  Serve buffet style instead- it will be easier on you and your guests.  If your guest count is through the roof, turn your party into an open house and have guests show up between certain times.  This will keep your home less crowded and allow you to successfully entertain more people.

  1. Create your own traditions- Don’t kill yourself trying to recreate your Grandma’s Christmas. Do things your own way.  Keep the best aspects that you enjoyed and get rid of the stressful traditions. 

Hope those are helpful! Happy Hosting!

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