Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tips to Prevent Headaches

Tired of dealing with the throbbing and pulsing pain associated with headaches? Usually headaches occur from being tired, stressed or overworked.  Here are some ways to prevent and treat headaches.

Maintain a Consistent Sleep Schedule- This will keep your body in balance, help you feel more rested and keep your head clear.

Drink Water- and lots of it.  Water keeps you hydrated and can prevent the onset of headaches.  Eating food with high water content (such as fruits and vegetables) can also help keep you hydrated.

Avoid Certain Food and Drinks- Caffeine and alcohol commonly result in headaches. Chocolate, nuts and certain cheeses can also act as triggers.  By eliminating or cutting back on these items, you can help diminish the amount of headaches you have.

Don’t Procrastinate- Become a planner.  Having things mapped out can help eliminate a heavy load of stress. Less stress means less pain.

Ditch the Computer- Spend less time staring at screens.  Too much time in front of TV or computer screens can strain your eyes and neck.  If you work at a computer, regular breaks and good posture will help to prevent headaches.

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