Friday, September 23, 2016


Get your engine revving during and after your workout. This is sure to keep your metabolism going all day long! Whether a walking or running, this is a great workout.

Treadmill/Track interval speed and distance workout. 

1 mile warmup

6 x 200 yard sprints (treadmill .15 = 200 yard run.)
Do 20 squats between each sprint.

4 x 400 yard sprints (about .25 of a mile)
Do 20 push-ups between each sprint.

2 x 800 yard sprints (about .5 of a mile) 
Do 20 squats between each sprint. 

Run 1 mile
Base pace for .25- for last .75 run 1 min, 1 min, 30 sec with speed increases. 
Repeat until mile mark. (Ex. 8, 9, 10mph back to 8.)

1 min Walking lunges

15 incline 1-2mph -walk one min. Repeat 3 times.

20 second side shuffle at 3-3.5mph. 
Repeat 3 times each direction. 

Cool down and stretch.

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