Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Perfectionism is your “Frenemy”

Here are 5 ways to best utilize your perfectionism:

A Critical Eye
Perfectionists are known for being aware of every tiny detail, including every little mistake. While this can lead to feelings of failure and disappointment, use this to be aware of ways to improve. As you continue to work toward your goals, you will always be aware of the next step, in order to continue seeing progress and achievement. With a little patience, you will more easily see how to continue moving forward.

Pulled Toward Goals
If you are a perfectionist, it is likely you are very self-motivated toward your goals. You are pulled to them rather than pushed. Once you have decided to achieve something, you do not need someone telling you to do it. This is not a common characteristic, so use this momentum to your advantage.  Choose goals that are truly important and you will find you are more likely to achieve them.

High Standards and Expectations
Some may say perfectionists set impractical standards and expectations for themselves, which can lead (again) to feelings of disappointment and frustration. Do not be afraid to set high goals – as long as you are aware of what is truly realistic. It may take more time, energy and dedication but if you are willing to put in the work, you will reach the objective.

Focus on the End Goal
Perfectionists tend to be so wrapped up in where they are going, that it does not matter what happens in the process. If they do not see the finish line coming closer, they tend to give up, not realizing the lessons to be learned along the way. Maybe you did not lose 8 pounds this month, but you did lose 3 pounds, and you learned how to eat a little bit better with new recipes. Learn to take in the small victories as you continue working toward your great achievement.

All or Nothing
As previously mentioned, perfectionists are easily discouraged by unmet goals. If their ultimate goal is not within reach, all efforts are often thrown to the dogs and failure is declared. Perfectionists are their own harshest critics, so learn to be kind to you. Practice positive self-talk, and surround yourself with a support system that will help you pick yourself up, dust off and continue working. This is not an all or nothing game. There will be set backs but there will also be successes. 

There is a lot of strength and potential in being a perfectionist. Learn to harness those skills readily available to you, and your goals will become that much more obtainable. Now go get 'em! 

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