Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Go On Vacation And Bring Back Memories, Not LBS.

Summer time is perfect for those family vacations and weekend get-aways with friends. However, these trips can be the culprit of some unwanted weight gain that is avoidable. Try these 5 ways to keep from packing on the LBS and still enjoy your vacation:

1. Make Smarter Meal Choices - One of the biggest problems vacation-goers stumble upon is eating out every day. In many cases this is unavoidable, but that does not mean you are completely at a loss when it comes to your nutrition. Consider making healthier selections while eating out, such as ordering a side salad, instead of fries. You can also split meals, which will save dollars, as well as calories. If you do have access to a fridge or kitchen, consider having at least one meal per day in your hotel room. Find a convenience store and fill your fridge with nutrient dense foods, like fruits, vegetables and whole grain snacks.

2. Carry Water – If you are being more active (as tourists tend to be), you will want to make sure you always have a water bottle. This will help you stay well hydrated and stave off those hunger pains that are really your body just begging for water. Not only will this help cut down on excess calories, but you will also have more energy to keep up on fun adventures.

3. Make Alternative Transportation Choices - One great way to get in a lot of extra activity, as well as explore in a way you would not otherwise, is to avoid taking cabs or public transportation. Often times, large cities are pedestrian friendly and many have bicycles available for rent, at hourly fees. Plan your activities for the day based on what is close to one another, so you can easily travel without requiring an automobile.

4. Take Advantage of Amenities - Many hotels and resorts have on-site exercise rooms with at least a couple of exercise machines. Take advantage of them! Make the time to get in a quick workout before you leave for the day. Just because you are on vacation does not mean you need to skip a beat on your workout regimen.

5. Plan an Active Vacation - This seems like the simplest answer, right? If you want to make sure you avoid weight gain on vacation, plan accordingly. Design trips that require you to do a lot of walking, offer activities such as hiking, skiing, camping, swimming, or even scuba diving. While relaxing vacations do have their time and place, you can recharge your batteries by planning a vacation that lets you experience activities, not available in your home town.

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