Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Snippets of Success - Understanding the Importance of Healthy Decisions

"Snippets of Success" are brief glimpses into the successes of Orriant participants!

Breakfast Cereal 3
When *Mysti began working with an Orriant Health Coach℠, she knew she needed to lose weight in order to improve her health and feel better about the way she looks. She started her weight loss journey by tracking her diet with a food journal. By paying close attention to her food selections, Mysti has created a more balanced diet, and has learned the importance of eating more fiber rich foods that will help her stay full compared to empty sugary carbohydrates. In addition to eating healthier portions sizes, Mysti incorporates stress relieving techniques such as meditation (which has helped her reduce stress-related eating) and is drinking more water thanks to her fancy new water bottle she purchased. Another major victory comes from limiting her late night eating, specifically while watching television.

As she has made these changes, Mysti now understands she needs both a healthy diet and regular exercise. By including daily exercise in the mornings, not only has she seen progress in her weight loss, but she has noticed how much better her days seem to go when she exercises. She has more energy throughout the day and has commented that “it is a lot harder to put off if you do it first thing.”
The results of her hard work this past year was losing close to 25 pounds and even reaching a healthier cholesterol profile at her most recent Orriant Health Assessment℠. She attributes her success to consistent exercise, healthier food choices, portion sizes, and cooking new healthy recipes that she enjoys. During the course of making these changes, Mysti realized if she does not like the meals she prepares, she will go back to old habits. She feels better, looks better and enjoys the fact she is down two clothing sizes. Mysti has thrown away her old pants that are too big and vows to never wear the larger size again!
*Name changed or omitted to protect privacy.

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