Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Snippets of Success - Changes for the Long Term

"Snippets of Success" are brief glimpses into the successes of Orriant participants!

Alicia* is one amazing women. She has been successful at losing over 40 pounds and lowering her blood pressure and cholesterol. She is making lifestyle changes that will sustain her for the long term. bigstock-tasty-oatmeal-with-raspberries

Alicia gets her exercise time in by walking as much as possible during her lunch breaks or after work. She also carries water with her everywhere she goes.  She has drastically reduced her junk food and fast food intake, and discovered that she likes eating fruit for snacks and eats oatmeal for breakfast or lunch. She’s including more vegetables with her dinners, trying to fill ½ her plate with vegetables.  She is thrilled to see she has the will power to say “no” to sweets. She knows if she really wants something then she allows herself to eat just a small portion of that treat. She keeps healthy snacks on hand at work so she has something healthy to nibble on if she gets hungry or is feeling a little stressed.

She says it’s nice to fit into her old clothes again and finds satisfaction with other people noticing her weight loss. Alicia tells a story about how she picked up a child and realized she has lost more weight than what the child weighed. What a great feeling to actually see how much weight she has lost.  She feels like she has seen the light and loves her new lifestyle! Great job Alicia!
*Name changed or omitted to protect privacy.

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