Friday, September 13, 2013

Today’s Preparation Determines Tomorrow’s Achievement

 Last minute Summer excursions and Fall break planning is underway.  If you’re finding it hard to keep your healthy routines going while you’re away, don’t fear! Orriant has tips to help keep you on track, so you feel great when wearing that bathing suit on vacation.

You’ve probably heard the notion, “If you fail to prepare, you’ve prepared to fail!” This can be applied to your getaways. As you’re packing and getting everything in place to leave town, take some time to map out what you can do to make the trip a healthy experience for you and others involved. Set a few health-related goals for the trip so you’ll feel energized while you’re away and not fall into a slump that’s hard to climb out of when you return home.

A few goals to consider could be: do you want to lose a couple pounds during the trip
or will it be a success if you can maintain your weight? How many days can you involve activity: every day, every other day? What will you do when it comes to eating out: share meals to have smaller portions, skip desserts, or drink water instead of a high calorie beverage? If you leave with a plan, it will be easier to stay committed and make healthy choices during the venture. To keep your exercise going, scope out activities that involve fitness. If you’ll be taking kids along, plan to visit a theme park, zoo, water park, national park, or beach. Can you bring along your bikes, or is the area you’re visiting or traveling through famous for hiking trails? Maybe there’s a hobby locals love that you can try: surfing, paddle boarding, or golfing. If you’re staying at a hotel, can you find one that offers a gym or swimming pool? If you’re visiting family, maybe they have a gym membership where you can purchase a daily or weekly guest pass. Remember the last time you had guests visit you? Did it interfere with your workout time? Don’t do the same to them! Get fit together!

If you know the trip’s events are going to interfere with any spare time for leisure activities, perhaps you can pack resistance bands or weights to use for 30 minutes before your day gets going. You could even prepare to do your favorite workout video. Just don’t forget to pack your sneakers.

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