Friday, February 13, 2015

8 Ways to Shake off the Winter Blues

“Shake it off, Shake it off” when sung sounds simple, but can be a challenge when it comes to getting rid of Winter blues.  With overcast skies, snowstorms, and decreased sunshine, it is fairly common to experience the “blues” during Winter months.

I find myself feeling a bit down as the excitement of the Holidays has died down, routines are routine, and we see more clouds and less sunshine. Many days I dream of lying on a warm beach somewhere, book in hand, without a little one hanging on my leg or calling my name!

Since moving to a tropical oasis for 4 months is likely not an option for most, here are 8 ways to help shake off the Winter blues.

1.      Discover a new attitude. If you have a negative attitude towards the winter season, find one or two positives of the season and celebrate. Maybe it’s no yard work or that it holds a new activity for you to try like snowshoeing. Perhaps it gives you more opportunities for family time.
2.      Find an activity or interest that excites you. Ideas could be joining an art group, joining a sports league, scheduling a weekly or monthly outing. The key is to find something that you look forward to.
3.      Exercise. Studies show that exercise stimulates production of feel good hormones, which boost mood and overall outlook. “Shake it off” with upbeat music and dance. Even on cold days I try to bundle up my little ones and play tag, or “Stop Light” around the block. This gets our blood pumping, breathing some fresh air, and soaking in some rays.
4.      Eat well. Choosing good nutrition, especially an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, provides the body with proper nutrition and prevents the abrupt rise and fall of blood sugars. This in turn affects mood.
5.      Take a time out, even if for just 5 minutes. Time that you don’t necessarily have to keep a schedule and can have some quiet time to meditate and breath. Oxygen helps to restore and regenerate the mind and body.
6.      Get a daily dose of sunshine. Simple ways are going for a walk, sit outside, or spend a few minutes in a sunny room in your home or office building.
7.      Laughter. Remember to smile. Read jokes, a book, a watch Television show, or comedian. It takes fewer muscles to smile than frown and creates fewer wrinkles!

8.      Turn off technology. Social media can influence negative thoughts and comparisons as we read of others’ successes and posts. Set limitations time you will spend viewing Social Media.

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