Thursday, August 15, 2013

Snippets of Success - A New 'Spin' on Life

"Snippets of Success" are brief glimpses into the successes of Orriant participants!

Spin Class_RS
Exercise can be fun when it is something you enjoy and makes you feel good. That is what one employee from South Shore Medical learned after attending a spin class 3 days each week for the last month. She has tried a lot of different exercises and workout options throughout this year, and has now found something that she really enjoys. She said after completing a spin class she feels much better throughout the day and very accomplished knowing she burn more than 600 calories.

A healthy diet and calorie control is also a part of her daily routine. She is getting closer every month to her weight loss goal. After calling her health coach this past month, she got a few extra tips about the importance of weight training. She now plans to add some different weight training exercises to her routine to make sure she stays on track and makes her weight loss goal before her birthday. With her persistence and daily healthy habits, she’s got it made!
*Name changed or omitted to protect privacy.

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