Thursday, July 18, 2013

Healthy Parenting

Communication is often something that is overlooked by parents, especially in the hectic and preoccupied modern world.  Many parents don’t think they need to talk to their child about drugs and alcohol because they have programs at school.  Kids also pick up things from their peers and often are brutally more aware than we think (or want) them to be.  However, discussing important issues with your children could be the deciding factor when they are offered substances at parties or get-togethers. 

Many kids start using tobacco and abusing alcohol as early as ages 9-12.  This often leads to other consequences, such as having their grades suffer or getting involved in other activities, such as gangs and crime.  Research has shown that most kids respond to their parents and listen to their advice.  Taking the time to discuss things with your child shows them that you are concerned and that you care.  Answering any questions they might have as well as discussing ways they can say “no” are healthy discussions that could prevent your child from developing an addiction.

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